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Eusebio Sempere was born the 3rd of April, 1923 at Onil, Alicante. He closed the circle of his life 62 years later, on the 10th of that same month, and in the same place he was born. His journey through time and space was a persevering effort to create art in every aspect of his life.

His constant search projected him outside that close space to enter an ascending spiral.

This web, dedicated to him, tries to understand his creative process and open our minds to the vision that he discovered and created from reality.

“…that’s why I only play my role within an elite…that role is that of the one who thinks and makes others think, different from other elites that neither think nor make anybody think, or that think of ways not to make people think… You know, sometimes I think we are stuck in a dead end, that our stuff won’t be of any use to anybody.”

Conversation with Sempere. A. Trapiello. Guadalimar, 8. 1975.

Vocation, 1923-1939

Sempere first steps since his birth in 1923 in Onil.

School life, 1940-1949

Formative years in the school of Fine Arts of San Carlos. After years of monotony and frustation he gradually separates from the norm and gets closer to the French avant-garde.

Beginning, 1950-1958

Sempere travels to Paris and begins to delovep his work around geometry and kinetics,he writes the Manifesto of the lightand come in conctac with the group Parpalló.

Alchemy, 1959-1964

On his return to Spain, Eusebio Sempere introduces definitely the kinetic in our country and takes part in the foundation of the Contemporary Art Museum in Cuenca.

Maturity, 1965-1971

After coming back from NY, Sempere consolidates for good as a contemporary artist. He begins creating his first silkscreen folders and starts working with computers looking for new languages.

Mastery, 1972-1978

Sempere is at the peak of his creative powers and is well-known by his work.

Consummation, 1979-1985

In his final stage as a creator, of extreme subtlety, his tables and folders reach a great formal perfection.